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We are a travel agency specialized in tours and tailor-made trips, organized in India and its neighbouring countries

We want to offer you the best possible experience by organizing trips that will make you discover India and its wonders in a authentic and personal way.
For this, we offer circuits rich in discoveries and very different from those offered by the great tour operators.

With the benefit of a great knowledge of many regions in India, all the circuits that we propose to you have been tested and approved by our team.

Our theme trips

Well-being & Ayurveda

Our destinations

South India

Kerala : Sublime to take your breath away !

North India

Captivating by the richness of its landscapes and its traditions, North India will surprise you and will most likely leave a lasting trace in your memory.

East of India

A feast for the eyes!
Although East India is one of the poorest regions in India, it is a treasure trove of enthnic and cultural diversity as well as of extrordinary landscapes, that are truly a feast for the eyes.

West of India

Golden Triangle extended Rajasthan
Forts, temples & palaces, tigers & elephants, royals & riches, colours, and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Our testimonials

Isabelle & famille Villetelle
Isabelle & famille Villetelle
Blonay - Suisse
juillet-août 2019
« For the moment I remain bewitched, I have been on the verge of a mystery »
"I would have liked to go further into the heart of Tibet, but since this was impossible it seemed to me, the rest was no longer of interest. This was, of course, a passing impression. Back in India I would get it together and pull myself together. For the moment I remain bewitched, I have been on the verge of a mystery". A. David-Neel summarized the unfathomable mystery, the inconceivable cultural exception and the unexplainable satiety that the traveller feels when he discovers India. Impressionist blend of colours, wisdom and millenary tradition. An experience that can only be described with difficulty. An experience that must be lived, woven thread by thread, like a rare Rajasthan silk. A piece each time unique, of which India & you are probably the only ones who inderstands its mystery. We cannot express our gratitude enough to Claire and her team for this moment of eternity.

Isabelle & Bruno
Dario Salvi
Dario Salvi
Neuchâtel - Switzerland
July 2019
« My trip to India and particularly to the heart of the Himalayas will remain for me an adventure, a unique experience! »
Hello Claire,

My trip to India and particularly to the heart of the Himalayas will remain for me an adventure, a unique experience. There was my arrival in India in Delhi at night, with the discovery the next day of this city, of these people in this humid heat and its smells, of this well "ordered" chaos; the decor was "planted"!

Then, it is the departure by train to the north where little by little the environment is transformed, Hindu temples give way to Buddhist temples. Incredible roads are replacing the rails. These roads that lead us to the sky, these spectacular landscapes full of contrasts and colors.

Whether in this natural setting or inside these monasteries, I really enjoyed discovering them in your precious company, your knowledge and your sensitivity to the culture of this country that only strengthened my positive thoughts! And without forgetting, of course, the knowledge of our Indian guide.

Of course, my trip was also the visit of the sumptuous mausoleum of the Taj Mahal in Agra, or the temple of Krishna... testimonies of India and its different religions. Or the change of guard at Amritsar, on the Indo-Pakistani border where I saw the fervour of the Indians for their country. India is also about its smiling and caring people. It is also, somewhere, Gandhi, whose visit to his final resting place touched me.

A word about accommodation: from beautifully luxurious hotels to the simplest, depending on the places we crossed. It was perfect for me.

Many thanks again for your accompaniment during this journey, these moments of exchange and sharing.

Yours sincerely.


Jennifer Bochud
Jennifer Bochud
Neuchâtel - Suisse
November 2018
Name of the circuit : Goa
« Claire from India & You was a great help in organizing my trip to Goa. »
Claire from India & You was a great help in organizing my trip to Goa. 10 days before my departure, the first 3 days accommodation of my stay were missing. Travelling alone, I was very worried and Claire has listened to me with patience and kindness. She found me a very nice, peaceful hotel by the sea in Goa but above all a trusted guide who came to pick me up at the airport, took me on a tour of the region and accompanied me to my yoga retreat that I had booked on my side.

Claire is kind and share easily her love for India to us. She was very present during my departure, sent me the photo of the guide so that I could recognize her at the airport and was regularly in touch with me during my trip.

I am delighted with the services of India & You and can only recommend them!


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