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Discover India by trekking or rafting on the river Gange in Uttarakhand; canoe kayak, boating or cycling in Kerala backwaters!
We guarantee unique and unforgettable experiences ;-)
 This may not be the first thing you think about when you dream of discovering India and all the wonders, cultural, historical and spiritual that India has to offer, and yet, you can also discover this amazing country by trekking, rafting, canoe kayak or even cycling.

The activities listed are not exhaustive, as Indians can show great creativity ;-). Furthermore, aware of the potential risks involved in some of the proposed activities such as rafting of horseriding, we take special care in selecting organisations who respect all safety standards while offering the possibility to live unique experiences that will remain engraved in your memory.



India is a vast country offering multiple landscapes and climates; walking long distances allows travellers to discover the many regions of India and gives keen walkers and hikers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to meet the local population.

Some areas are more suited to trekking than others; the mountainous ranges of Uttarakhand, parts of Rajasthan and Kerala, to name a few, provide ample opportunities to explore on foot while allowing the possibility to travel parts of the journey by car or by train. 


Cycling offers the advantage to cover longer distances, namely in rural zones, on trails that meander through inhabited areas. It is a way to feel closer to nature, culture and to people's daily life.

We offer short "discovery" circuits, such as in Kerala, where trails will take you along the banks of the backwaters.

The exquisite softness of the landscape unfolding before your eyes will undoubtedly enthral you. You will certainly enjoy the joyous and fleeting encounters with villagers, who live in humble yet serene dwellings along the banks. Life there seems to unfold at a different pace.

Rafting on the Gange in Rishikesh :-)

Rafting down the Gange, on a distance of about 2 kilometres, is an unforgettable experience!

From October to May, several companies specialize in offering this unique experience on rafts that can accommodate half a dozen people.

Experienced trained instructors will accompany and guide you on this beautiful adventure along
the Gange, after making sure you are fully briefed and safely fitted with helmets and life jackets.

A team sports adventure that will also give you a chance to delight in the wildlife you will discover along the banks of the Gange. Here and there, you will witness scenes of the daily life of the inhabitants who live in harmony with the sacred river and get a taste of it by meditating on the riverside or taking part in prayer ceremonies.   

Kanoe kayak in the backwaters of Kerala

The unique landscape of the backwaters of Kerala offers a beautiful opportunity to discover the surrounding nature and the life of the people living on the banks as you float by on a boat or a canoe kayak.

If you want to associate the thrill of discovery to physical activity, your canoe kayak will take you along small canals where a magnificent wilderness will progressively unfold before your eyes as you go by, where colourful tropical birds, rich flora and the peaceful life of the authocthons seem to live according to the rythm of the beautiful nature all around.