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Golden triangle & Uttarakhand

Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand

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Golden triangle & Uttarakhand

Forts, temples & palaces, limitless Himalayan adventure, Hinduism, spirituality, mother Ganges, Safari, Yoga, Jim Corbett National park

Dehli, the nation’s capital, is “connected” to the cities of Agra and Jaipur in what is called India’s Golden Triangle. The tourist’s circuit got its name because of the triangular shape formed by the locations of New Dehli, Agra and Rajasthan on a map.This journey through some of India’s most popular destinations – Dehli, Agra and Jaipur - will give you a feel of the real India, a glimpse into its royal and cultural heritage, a taste of grandiose Rajputana and Mughal royalty as well as of the British legacy.

The tour extends to parts of the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. Crossed by the Himalaya, Uttarakhand is a place of myth and mountains, covered with sky-reaching peaks, glaciers, lakes and rivers. Called Dev Bhoomi - the Land of Gods – it is well known for its numerous Hindu pilgrimage sites. High altitude winding roads and hiking trails lead to these sites, the birthplace of many tales from Hindu epics. Some popular holiday towns such as Dehradun, Mussoorie, Nainital or Ranikhet were hill stations and education centres for British children during the British Raj. The Beatles visit in 1968 brought fame to the town of Rishikesh, which is now a prime destination for yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers from all over the world. The River Ganges worship ceremony, the Ganga Aarti, is Rishikesh most important spiritual gathering. Jim Corbett National Park’s forests shelter an abundant wildlife, among which the protected Bengal tigers.


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from CHF 2'740
(per person in a group of minimum 02 people traveling together and sharing a room)

details of the circuit

number of days : 12D / 11N
theme of the circuit : Adventure, Spirituality, Nature
Region : Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand

Useful information

Ideal period : From October to March-April (April to mid-June for tigers and mid-September to October for treks)
number of people : 2 à 8
Main activities : Adventure (rafting et treks)
Nature (safari)
Spirituality (Mother Ganga prayers and practice of yoga)

Highlights of the circuit

Delhi, a city of contrasts and surprises

Where time travel is possible.

Dehli modern metro will transport you on a journey through time, from old Dehli where you’ll see men hauling sacks full of fragrant spices on their back while others weigh gold on dusty scales, to the present-day New Dehli, ideal for enjoying high tea in a setting of colonial-era buildings, such as the buildings of Parliament. From there, you can hop to the futuristic sky scrapers of Gurgaon, a satellite city that will satisfy your urge for shopping, with the glitz and glamour of its shopping centres.

Dehli is also one the world’s most polluted cities. Yet amidst the frantic hustle and bustle of a metropolis more populated than Australia, you will glimpse moments of pure magic ;*temple marigolds threaded by old men, a boy perched on a rooftop to fly his kite while Sufi devotional songs vibrate in the air.* So, do not overlook this throbbing and astounding city which has so much to offer, where vestiges of the past will surprise you at almost every street corner.

Agra, the city of the famous Taj Mahal

"Taj Mahal - a teardrop on the cheek of time"- Rabindranath Tagore

Agra’s many Mughal era buildings, among which the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikra, make it a favourite tourist destination.

The timeless essence of the Taj Mahal shrouds it in an aura of magic. The Muslim Emperor Shah Jahan, of the Mughal dynasty, had it built in memory of Mumtaz Mahal, his favourite wife, who died in childbirth after giving him fourteen children. The Taj Mahal was to be a gift to this most beloved wife and a lasting monument to his love.

The construction began in 1631 and the complex of buildings and surrounding gardens were finally completed in 1654. It sits on the banks of the River Yamuna, in the city of Agra. A combination of Persian and Islamic architecture, the walls of white marble are ornamented with carving and calligraphy, and set with jewels. 20,000 workers are said to have worked for over 20 years to fulfil the promise of the bereaved shah.

Rishikesh, yoga capital

Gateway to Garhwal Himalayas, Hindu pilgrimage, Yoga capital and white water rafting

Ever since the Beatles rocked up at the ashram of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the late '60s, Rishikesh has been a magnet for spiritual seekers. Today it styles itself as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’, with masses of ashrams and all kinds of yoga and meditation classes.

Most of this action is north of the main town, where the exquisite setting on the fast-flowing Ganges, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive to meditation and mind expansion. In the evening, an almost supernatural breeze blows down the valley, setting temple bells ringing as sadhus ('holy' men), pilgrims and tourists prepare for the nightly ganga aarti (river worship ceremony).

You can learn to play the sitar or tabla; try Hasya yoga (laughter therapy), practise meditation or take a punt on crystal healing.

Haridwar, door of the Lord.

The door of the Lord.
Throughout the year, pilgrims flock to Haridwar to bathe in the holy waters of the River Ganges, gathering round Har-ki-Pari Ghat in a frenzied, yet reverend atmosphere. The river lights up at night with the flickering flames of a myriad of floating offerings.

Haridwar is Uttarakhand’s holiest Hindu city and holds great religious significance, much more than Rishikesh, just an hour north. The busiest time is during the pilgrimage season (yatra) from May to October and most particularly in July, when throngs of Shiva worshipers, the Kanwarias, swarm into the city.

Jim Corbett National Park

The first project tiger initiative
Uttarakhand Nainital district, in the north of Uttarakhand, is home to India’s oldest National Park which opened in 1936 under the name of Hailey National Park. It was later renamed after Jim Corbett, who played an important part in its creation. It was also the first park to come under the Project Tiger initiative, to insure the protection of the endangered Bengal tiger.

Visitors to this beautiful wildlife sanctuary will delight in an abundance of fauna and flora. Among other animal species, the Dhikala zone shelters tigers as well as a population of leopards and elephants, which also roam the Sonanadi zone on the banks of the Ramganga reservoir, where bird lovers can observe hundreds of species.

Course of the journey

Day 0 - Day 1

Fly from Switzerland to Delhi Arrive late evening or midnight Overnight in Delhi.

Day 2

Delhi half day sightseeing post lunch.

Day 3

Delhi Full day sightseeing.

Day 4

Drive Delhi to Agra sightseeing Taj Mahal & Agra Fort.

Day 5

Transfer from Agra to Delhi airport for transfer flight to Dehradun Arrive Dehradun and transfer to Rishikesh for check in.

Day 6

Full day Rishikesh sightseeing and end with Ganga Aarti.

Day 7

Transfer to Haridwar and second half sightseeing.

Day 8

Tranfer to Jim Corbett National Park.

Day 9

Morning jungle Safari for tiger sighting.

Evening jungle Safari.

Day 10

Morning Jungle Safari.

Day 11

Transfer to Delhi.

Day 12

Shopping in Delhi.

Fly to your country.

Course on the map


The Claridges, New Delhi

A personal experience like own abode in heart of Delhi.

In the beautiful area of Lutyen’s Dehli, amidst a blend of old colonial charm and modern amenities, you will find one of New Dehli’s most iconic hotels. Built in 1952, the Claridges offers style and elegance combined with luxury and contemporary comfort only minutes away from the bustling city centre. Years ago, the lush green lawns used to be Prime Minister Nehru favourite spot for an evening tea.

Activities in the hotel :

Relax / read / swim.

Included in the offer :

Bed & breakfast only.

Good to know :

Best location.
Beautiful pool.


Aloha on the Ganges, Rishikesh

On the banks of the holy Ganga, in beautiful Rishikesh.
In Rishikesh, the quiet and peaceful scenery of the River Ganges close to the Laxman Jhula offers a perfect setting for the lovely resort of Aloha on the Ganges, on the banks of the river surrounded by forested hills. These serene surroundings are conducive to meditation, especially during the evening hours, when the soft wind blowing down the valley sets temple bells ringing as pilgrims and tourists join the sadhus (holy men) in preparation for the nightly Ganga Aarti.

Activities in the hotel :

Swimming pool
Yoga classes.

Included in the offer :

Bed & breakfast.

Good to know :

The best view of Holy Ganges in Rishikesh.

Ganga Lahari Hotel, Haridwar

Ganga Lahari hotel is set in a mesmerising location on the banks of the holy River Ganges in Haridwar.
This establishment, together with its sister hotel the Haveli Hari Ganga, offers unrivalled comfort and luxury in Haridwar. Pilgrims and tourists travelling to Haridwar can experience contemporary luxury at this enchanting hotel as they watch the Ganges flow by. Every evening, people gather for the grandiose ‘Ganga Aarti’, which they can view directly from the Ganga Lahari’s beautiful rooms or from sitting areas facing the river, where they are granted a glimpse into Hindu ancestral culture. Within easy walking distance of the hotel you’ll find “Har Ki Pari”, the ghat where ritual bathing helps cleanse the soul from its earthly bounds.

Activities in the hotel :

Private bathing ghat Yoga and Meditation Astrologer consultation Aarti.

Included in the offer :

Bed & breakfast.

Good to know :

Escorted service to Har Ki Pauri during the evening aartis.

River View Retreat, Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar

High comfort In the heart of Jim Corbett National Park.

In the heart of Jim Corbett National Park, cosily nestled in the soft shade of a wooded area, the River View Retreat resort provides comfort and luxury in communion with nature. You’ll enjoy the view of the outdoors abundant with wildlife from you hotel, while the River Kosi gently flows by. To make your stay perfect, the resort holds frequent bonfires, which will add a magical touch to your evenings.

Activities in the hotel :

Beautiful swimming pool by the river.
Wellness centre

Included in the offer :

Bed & breakfast.

Information & rates

from CHF 2'740
(per person in a group of minimum 02 people traveling together and sharing a room)


  • Medium high category accommodation (4* plus in India) with breakfast
  • chauffeur driven private car during the tour
  • French or English escort/guide throughout the tour
  • Local SIM card with enough data to last the tour
  • GST 5%


  • International/Domestic flight
  • Jungle Safari
  • A/C chair train ticket from Delhi to Agra (if required)
  • all entrance fees during the tour
  • lunches & dinners
  • camera fee expenses requested on certain sites of visit
  • personal expenses & laundry
  • tips to the driver/porter/guide etc.

Good to know

Itinerary disclaimer :

While it is our intention to adhere to the route described, there is a certain amount of flexibility built into the itinerary and on occasion it may be necessary, or desirable to make alterations.
The itinerary is brief, as we never know exactly where our journey will take us. Due to our style of travel and the regions we visit, travel can be unpredictable. The programme is a general guide to the tour and region and any mention of specific destinations of wildlife is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered.
Aboard expedition trips visits to research stations depend on final permission.
Additionally, any travel times listed are approximations only and subject to vary due to local circumstances.

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